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The term outsourcing refers to the process of contracting the financial services and activities of a business out to a third party , that is a company that specializes in a certain sector.

The contracting of business processes out to a third party, has been very common in recent years. According to this process, services such as the accounting and tax obligations of a business, payroll, hiring staff, personnel management and others, are contracted out to external associates of the business, by means of a “freelance” employment. This means that the owner of the business doesn’t have to hire employees; instead he is obliged to pay the amount of money that has been agreed on beforehand for the services provided.

By adopting the process of outsourcing, a business can save considerable amounts of money, as several costly procedures are avoided, namely, purchase of hardware and software, as well as the establishment and staffing of the department that will manage it. Instead of buying the necessary equipment and hiring the staff to manage, maintain and utilize it, the business can contract these procedures out to an external associate and pay a “rental” fee for the services. This fee is considerably lower compared to what the owner would be obliged to pay if the same procedures were carried out by the business itself.

Moreover, apart from the high price the business has to pay in order to buy the necessary equipment and carry out the procedures, we also need to consider the matter of hardware deterioration and outdated technology. By outsourcing, this matter is something the third party company has to deal with. At the same time, the money saved can be invested in other, substantial activities for a small or medium-sized company , such as the productive process or the business expansion.


Besides, by outsourcing processes to third party companies, a business can save time, reduce operating costs, improve business running and organization and focus on vital sectors. What is more, with the process of outsourcing, the business can make the most of its collaboration with the third party company, by trying, implementing and eventually adopting innovative procedures, something that would not happen if this small or medium business decided to carry out these processes internally. The reason for that is obvious: companies that specialize in modern economic applications are up-to-date, employ experienced staff and their running is characterized by innovation.

By means of this innovative service, Account Link Theodoridis I. Panagiotis & Associates can offer your business the chance to enjoy a properly organized system of financial services at a relatively low cost, have access to novel, modern applications, while at the same time being disengaged from introversion and reluctance.

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